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The Unexpected Kitchen Staple That Will
Keep Your
Scissors Sharp
While it's a must-have for wrapping leftovers and sandwiches on the go, aluminum foil can also help you hone a pair of scissors in a pinch.
It's good to repurpose, but use relatively clean aluminum foil, not anything with food residue. Stack a few clean foil sheets and then fold them into several layers.
Cut across the folded aluminum sheets with the scissors five to eight times until the scissors start slicing cleanly and give you a smooth glide.
As the scissor blades rub against the surface of the foil, it helps remove any small burrs, rust, or other debris that may have dulled them and smooth out rough edges.
While using foil can improve the scissor's cutting by reducing friction and allowing the blades to move more smoothly, restoring them to their original sharpness
may require other tools.