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The Unexpected Piece Of IKEA Furniture You Should Put In Your Kitchen
This DIY using IKEA changing tables in your kitchen has nothing to do with babies. Instead, you can put them together with a tabletop to create open cabinetry and countertop.
For this hack, you'll need two SNIGLAR changing tables and an IKEA tabletop, tools and brackets, and decorating materials
for personalization.
The first thing you'll need to do is assemble both SNIGLAR changing tables according to the IKEA instructions and decorate them if you desire.
Next, position the changing tables where you'd like the ends of your countertop to be, then position the tabletop across the changing tables.
IKEA’s SNIGLAR changing tables are just $39 each and IKEA tabletops start at $40, so this is a cheap hack that results in a modern and functional kitchen.
You can also have a SNIGLAR changing table slotted in a corner as extra quick-access storage for pots and pans you use regularly or make
it a DIY kitchen island.