covering fresh produce in plastic wrap
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The Unexpected Place In Your Home You Should Be Using Plastic Wrap
A simple yet effective trick that many people don't know about is using plastic wrap to keep bananas fresh by slowing down their ripening process.
As soon as you bring bananas home from the store, wrap a little piece of plastic wrap around the stems to stop the natural ethylene gas from spreading throughout the banana.
You can also use plastic wrap in your kitchen in many other ways. When moving house, wrap your cutlery individually to keep them organized and scratch-free.
Prevent freezer-burnt ice cream by covering its entire surface with plastic wrap while it's still soft, which stops the cold air reaching it when you freeze it, according to Today.
If you refer to your phone when cooking, cover it with plastic wrap to protect it from splatters. When traveling, stop your lotions from leaking by wrapping them in plastic wrap.