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The Unexpected Use Second-Hand Coffee Pots Have For Plant Lovers
Instead of throwing away your faithful old coffee pot, give it a second life as a mini terrarium. With almost zero cost you can create a lovely little home for your small plants.
Simply line the bottom of the pot with gravel, sand, or soil, then add plants. You can include decorative items like rocks or twigs, then put it by a window or under a grow light.
Choose plants like peperomia, baby's tears, or strawberry begonia that don't need much light, water, or space, as there’s no drainage and fast-growing plants will outgrow the pot.
The regular type of coffee pot made of glass with a solid handle and lid lets in lots of sunlight, so you can grow a wider range of plants, but you might need to remove the lid.
A pure glass coffee pot is ideal since it doesn’t block the sunlight. A solid stainless steel pot won't work as a terrarium, but you can fill it with soil and use it as a planter.