Kitchen sink with a stone counter
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The Unexpected Way Flour Can Help Your Kitchen Sink Shine Like New
Flour is a mildly abrasive product strong enough to remove pesky dirt and grime, especially in the micro-grooves of your sink. Here’s how to use flour to clean your kitchen sink.
Thoroughly wash your sink with soapy water to get rid of food and residue. Dry it with a kitchen towel to remove water droplets so it doesn’t mix with the
flour and turn gooey.
Make sure you clean every crevice in the sink and any surface surrounding the drain. Then, coat your sink with ¼ cup of flour.
Using a dry, soft rag, buff the flour over every surface by using circular motions. Get into every corner where the food and dirt hide the most, especially around the drain.
Finally, once the stains have been removed and the sink has begun to shine, wipe away all of the flour with a rag to prevent it from becoming wet and clogging your drain.