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The Unexpected Way To Turn A Cheese Grater Into Chic Light Fixture
You can make a beautiful new light fixture for your kitchen with three cheese graters, three hanging lights, a wooden board, three lamp kits, and a drill.
This DIY idea comes courtesy of house-flipper Paige Hemmis. During this project, be sure to follow the directions in the lamp kits since you'll be working with electrical wiring.
To start, you'll need a wooden board 30 inches long and 1 foot wide. Using your drill, make three holes, each 5 inches apart, that are a little larger than your electrical cords.
Drill the same size hole in the handle on each grater. Remove the plug from your first hanging light cord and string it through both holes and the threaded pipe in the lamp kit.
Use washers to secure each grater to the wood. From there, follow the kit's directions to safely deal with the severed ends of your cords and attach them together.