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The Unexpected Way Ty Pennington Places His Furniture
To create a cozy space for family and guests, HGTV's “Battle on the Beach” interior designer Ty Pennington suggests slanting your furniture to add interest to your living room.
Pennington said, “Individual pieces set at a slant evoke a much more interesting and engaging perspective.” Angling furniture can transform your space by making it appear larger.
In a rectangular living room, angle the couch diagonally along two walls and put a chair on either side to create a curved effect. Add a rug that mimics the couch to anchor them.
For an awkward or open layout, curved furniture can help take the living room's look to the next level. Its round edges will give the space a softened look and a welcoming feel.
You can still slant curved furniture, and since they take up more room, you'll be able to use fewer items, prevent overcrowding, and incorporate other curved items like
end tables.
Pennington also advises hanging mirrors on the walls to make them retreat — for example, place a mirror in front of a window to reflect the outdoors and make the room brighter.