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The Unique Flooring
Design Scott McGillivray Chose For His Own Home
HGTV star and investor Scott McGillivray personalized his home office floor by using 26,000 pennies to create something meaningful to him while paying homage to
his career.
As the real estate expert revealed on his website, McGillivray first thought of a penny floor when one of his daughters asked to put part of her piggy bank stash into the house.
He took things a step further by laying down a mat and using the pennies to create a map design of Canada and the U.S. — the two places he lived and ran businesses.
"[W]e used a sticky pad to lift the pennies up and epoxied underneath. Then we put the pennies back down, removed the sticky pad, and epoxied over top," McGillivray explained.
Copper mosaic tile options are available on Amazon if you’d like to mimic the idea without committing to the month-long process, although the labor of love might be worth it.