Two indoor plants sit in white pots on a windowsill
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The Unique Houseplant Joanna Gaines Grows Inside Her Home
Having plants in your home can significantly benefit your health, mood, and air quality. Interior designer Joanna Gaines shares the plant she uses to bring life to her home.
The Dragon Tail (Epipremnum pinnatum) is a gorgeous green plant that grows into three sections as it matures. Native to Australia, in the U.S., it makes a great houseplant.
With mostly green, heart-shaped leaves with the occasional speck of cream, Dragon Tail is a simple plant that complements any room. Gaines keeps hers on a bench behind her couch.
This plant thrives on the natural forest floor, so it doesn’t need direct sunlight. Style your plant with a black or grey pot and place it in more interior spots of your home.
Easy to care for and maintain, simply pot your Dragon Tail in indoor-specific fertilizer, occasionally wipe the leaves of dirt, and water it once a week — or less in winter.