"Good Bones" stars Karen E. Laine (r) and daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk (l)
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The Unique Way Mina Starsiak Hawk Tastefully Upgrades A Living Room
Renovations are a great opportunity to creatively tailor your home to your lifestyle. Take this clever living room door swap from Mina Starsiak Hawk of HGTV’s “Good Bones.”
In the episode "Income Property Issues," Starsiak Hawk got creative with the reno property’s living room by opting for a unique garage door instead of the standard sliding door.
While many garage doors are attached to the garage itself, one installed as part of the main house sets it apart from every other home on the block.
Starsiak Hawk’s project manager originally floated the idea of a glass accordion door in the living room, but given its cost of $16,000, she decided to opt for a glass garage door.
"It'll save at least $5,000, which doesn't totally cancel out the extra foundation costs, but it will be worth it to the buyers," said Starsiak Hawk.
Moreover, the door adds a unique wow factor to the house, elevating the living room, bringing in more light, and adding functionality to open up the room.