Glass jars of spices on shelf in white kitchen
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The Uniquely Shaped Spice Rack That's Ideal For Organized Storage
Smaller items like spices, condiments, and shakers can get lost among bigger items in your kitchen cabinets, making it hard to find what you’re looking for and taking up space.
Blogger Gabi Ralea explained how to make a U-shaped shelf that sits on the cabinet’s perimeter, below or above an existing shelf, where you can store your spices within easy reach.
To create your own, you’ll need lumber, wood dowels, paint, sandpaper, glue, and a drill. Begin by measuring the sides of your cabinet to determine what length to cut the lumber.
Cut two equal-length side pieces slightly less than the cabinet’s depth, and a back piece the same width as the cabinet minus the width of the two side pieces. Sand and paint them.
To make the U-shape, drill three holes in the ends of the side pieces and the back piece where the three planks will be joined, glue in the dowels, then attach the three planks.
Insert small metal pegs into the cabinet’s pre-drilled adjustment holes for the shelf to rest on, either above or below an existing shelf, and mount the U-shaped shelf and fill it.