Large grease stain on a white shirt
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The Unlikely Ingredient
That Removes Grease Stains From Your Laundry
Grease stains on clothing can be challenging to eliminate. Fortunately, an unlikely but effective cleaning solution is artificial sweetener, such as Splenda or Sweet'N Low.
Artificial sweeteners have high absorbency, enabling them to draw out grease from the fabric, and their powdery texture acts as a mild abrasive, aiding in the lifting of stains.
Sprinkle a bit of the powder over the stained portion of the fabric and let it sit for several minutes. Afterward, gently brush off any remaining powder from
the surface.
Complete the stain removal by placing a bit of dish soap onto the area. Softly rub it in, then rinse under warm water before laundering the clothing as you usually would.
When using artificial sweeteners, it's crucial to act quickly for the best results. Always conduct a patch test on a hidden area of the fabric to prevent damage or discoloration.