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The Unpopular Porch Design Choice HGTV's Erin Napier Can Get Behind
If you've been toying with the idea of an arched porch to add some old world charm to your home, but cost is stopping you, a striped awning is Erin Napier’s favored alternative.
The design choice was criticized after the "Home Town" episode, titled "Old World, New Build," aired, but Erin explained that an arched porch would’ve cost an additional $3,500.
Meanwhile, the muted, olive green striped awning worked perfectly with Erin and Ben Napier’s general penchant for warm, soft colors that give off a cozy vibe.
If "Home Town" is your go-to for inspiration, you can go right ahead and look for something similar. Walmart stocks light green striped awnings for around $150.
You can also nab a bold black or hunter's green awning with white scalloped trim from Amazon for under $60, or you can opt for a blue and white striped awning for around $86.