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The Unsellable Houses Stars Can't Get Enough Of This Design Trend
A current design trend beloved by HGTV's Lindsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of "Unsellable Houses" is the exuberant warmth of wood-on-wood.
This trend is all about featuring wood as a star in your home. Reconfigure your walls with unusual wood shapes or add accents like mirrors with prominent, oversized wood detailing.
What makes wood so versatile is that even though it can become a trend, it's also a classic. No one will point to your wooden chest of drawers as an eccentric design experiment.
"Natural wood elements [...] can be used in nearly any design, whether you're channeling your inner mid-century modern, rustic, or traditional vibes," Lamb explains.
Lamb says to avoid wooden floors in the bathroom and stay away from gray or painted wood. The look is warm, natural, and immediately identifiable with visible grains.