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The Untold Truth Of Magic Erasers
Special Foam
Magic Erasers are made from melamine foam, which is used for audio dampening and insulation and is good for cleaning because of its sponge-like texture and tiny, hard surfaces. They work by absorbing grime and dirt into their porous surface and as an abrasive scrub that will remove particles from any surface.
Magic Erasers are the equivalent of about a 3,000 to 6,000-grit sandpaper and can actually scrub the shine off of many surfaces. Unlike many cleaning products that utilize chemical reactions, melamine foam pads contain formaldehyde and use friction and absorption to do their work.
Make Your Own
If Magic Erasers are too pricey, you can buy unbranded melamine foam pads for about a nickel apiece and make your own. Since it is commonly used in insulation, melamine foam can be purchased in large quantities and in different shapes and sizes for a very low price.
Clean Like A Pro
You can use Magic Erasers for cleaning fiberglass tubs and sinks, dry erase boards, and the interior of your car. To prevent mildew, Maid Sailors recommends rinsing and wringing out your cleaning pad after you use it and then allowing it to air dry.
Fabric and Upholstery
Magic Erasers are good for cleaning upholstery and fabric as well as hard surfaces because they're absorbent. You can save money and get a few extra miles out of lighter-colored furniture by getting stains out and brightening it up a bit with Magic Erasers.