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The Unusual Meaning Of An Upstairs Diagonal Window Explained
In New England, historic homes often have diagonal windows. These peculiar windows are usually placed on the second story and spark curiosity among residents and travelers.
Commonly known as "witch windows," these windows hold a supernatural connection. Local lore suggests that witches, unable to fly diagonally, would be thwarted by such windows.
They are also occasionally called "coffin windows," said to be used to remove coffins of the deceased from the second floor by sliding them down the roof.
However, these windows are also practical, as they are often found at a point where a higher-pitched roof that accommodates a second story meets a lower roofline.
During a time of constant expansion, home additions were added to single-story rooflines, which would displace the existing windows on one end of the home.
The remaining space usually wasn't high enough to accommodate an upright window, but adding a window, even at a slant, would grant a few hours more usable light in upper rooms.