Mattress and box spring leaning against a tree
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The Upcycled Box Spring Frame Hack That’s Perfect For Your Garden
TikTok user Mountain Tribe Homestead turned an old bed box spring into a gorgeous garden gate — a useful feature to keep wild animals and pets away from your tasty produce.
To put this idea into action, turn the box spring so you can access the bottom. Once it’s steady, cut any fabric or mesh layers off to reveal the wood frame inside.
Remove the wood frame, and add a nice coat of paint in whatever color you want. Next, take some chicken wire, cut it so that it covers the interior space, and staple it into place.
Create two fence posts to support your gate door. When the posts are placed securely in the ground, attach the gate with some hinges and screws so the piece will swing open nicely.
Finally, add a latch so that you'll be able to keep the gate closed when you're not around but can also easily open it when you want to enjoy your garden.