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The Useful Way To Repurpose Plastic Hanger Clips
The plastic clip hangers you get stuck with after shopping for shorts, skirts, and similar items unfortunately can't be recycled easily, so they frequently wind up
in the trash.
By cutting the clips off the hanger, they can be used in dozens of different ways around your home, either
in their original clip form
or slightly modified using
craft items.
You can use them to clamp chip bags. With a small craft magnet and some glue, you can make the clips magnetic to store items on your fridge or a file cabinet for easy reference.
Another option is to thread a piece of twine or photo wire through six or more clips, then hang these strung-together pieces on your wall as a photo or art display.
Whatever you decide, these plastic clips are incredibly versatile and can provide a lot more functionality
around your house than
they would in their original form on hangers.