A retractable wall mounted shelf and clothes rack
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The Vertical Laundry Room Hack That Makes The Most Of A Small Space
By utilizing all the vertical space in your laundry room, you won't have to complete tasks like air-drying clothes in different parts of the house
A regular drying rack can take up a lot of floor space and is not the most practical in a small laundry room as it limits your ability to come and go and do more laundry.
Utilizing the vertical space of your walls helps maximize every square inch of your laundry room. A wall-mounted drying rack can be pulled out and then folded flat to store.
The Wall Mounted Drying Rack from Target, which is resistant to rust, costs about $35. The GorillaRack Laundry Drying Clothes Rack is available for less than $60 on Amazon.
When mounting, make sure it's high enough to hang your longer clothes without them sweeping the floor but not so high that you can't reach it easily with a hanger.