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The Viral Dishwasher Hack That
Can Cut Down Drying Time
While cleaning dishes in the dishwasher has made this chore easier, oftentimes, dishes come out still wet, requiring them to be hand-dried before putting them away. Fortunately, there's a hack on TikTok that significantly cuts down the drying time.
TikTok influencer @brunchwithbabs offers a game-changing hack for when dishes aren’t fully dry once they've gone through the entire cleaning cycle. The solution is simple: open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle, place a microfiber dish towel half inside and half outside the top of the door, and then close it.
According to follower @lindz1980, "The towel soaks up all the steam/wetness," so your dishes will be completely dried in five minutes! It’s important to know when the cycle ends, however, and that depends on the machine’s age and energy efficiency, reports Finish.
Whirlpool says a general dishwashing cycle takes around 2.5 hours to complete, but check your particular washing machine's instructions to see how long it takes for a given cycle to end. A flashing light generally indicates when the process is finished, which is something to pay attention to when doing this viral dishwashing hack.