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The Viral 'Marble Door' That TikTok Can't Get Enough Of
Marble accents have taken over interiors in the past few years, but there's a new trend on the horizon thanks to creator Jodi White on TikTok. Instead of the sleek look of rock-solid slabs, White interpreted the trend a bit differently, opting for the nostalgic childhood toy as a building material for a DIY door.
In her viral TikTok, White shows the process of her DIY, which entails sourcing a secondhand door that had space for a pane of glass, and two metal grates for the marbles. Fitting the marbles in the grate and installing the piece in the door frame creates a colorful, interactive, and unique piece for the home.
If you plan on tackling this marble door project yourself, keep in mind that the process will be different for everyone as the measurements are based on whatever door you choose. These doors are not airtight, but are still perfect for a bedroom or bathroom, and make for a fun new statement piece.