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Patio Paver Alternative That Will Save You Lots
While paver stones are not always the most budget-friendly material, stamped concrete is fast becoming a favorite alternative, thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
Stamped concrete uses textured and patterned stamps to create the look of tiles or bricks. It is much more affordable, though, and it can add to your home’s beauty and resale value.
Contractors will use textured stamps to create the pattern of popular stones shortly after fresh concrete is poured. Dyes are also added to mimic the colors of other materials.
Stamps can create the look of space between faux pavers, without the concern of grout, things growing between stones, or loose pavers shifting around.
The process of stamping concrete is faster than laying paver, and the cheapest jobs will average from $8 to $12, with added costs for finishes, labor-heavy designs, and sealant.
However, it is not easy to do yourself, especially for larger areas that need a contractor and concrete specialists to do the pouring. The dry time can also take 24 hours to cure.
If you live in a climate with wild temperature variations, spans of concrete are much more likely to crack due to weather and moisture, and this is expensive to repair.
Damage from cracking, crumbling, or oil stains is harder to fix without major repair costs, as replacing any part of stamped concrete may include re-doing the whole slab.