Woman raking grass garden at home.
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The Winter Essential That Makes Raking Leaves Easier Than Ever
While a traditional rake is an essential gardening tool, consider investing in a rake shovel for faster cleanup. It’s designed to move like a shovel but clean up leaves like a rake.
The rake shovel’s wide, flat head and sturdy handle make it easy to scoop up large quantities of leaves in a single pass. It can also gather stray debris and pick up weeds.
Compared to a traditional rake, a rake shovel is gentler and its soft, flexible tines glide across the grass without leaving unsightly tracks or damaging the lawn or soil.
The ML Tools 3- in-1 garden tool is a rake, shovel, and sieve all wrapped into one. Priced around $40, it boasts the ability to pick up everything from pine cones to fallen fruit.
You can also get The Rake Assassin Combo Tool with a 15-inch wide head at $55. It can gather a large amount of leaves at once and even pick up chestnuts, pinecones, and rocks.