Popcorn ceiling and light fixture
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The Wood Plank DIY That Can Cover Your Popcorn Ceiling On
A Budget
High labor and material costs make removing popcorn ceilings a challenge. Instead, try this affordable hack to cover them while giving your ceiling a stunning wood-paneled look.
This idea from TikTok user @swayandsarahbuild requires you to clean the ceiling first. You can also paint it black, giving a little depth to what peeks through between each panel.
Next, cut ¼-inch plywood into 4-inch strips, then sand them, remove the sawdust, and apply your desired stain. Now, apply them directly to the ceiling using Liquid Nails.
Use another strip of plywood as a guide to help you get the boards placed evenly apart. If you want a vaulted ceiling, begin by starting at the highest part and working downward.
For a flat ceiling, pick a side to start and move across the room. Once the panels are in place, use a brad nail gun to secure them every few feet along the length of each piece.