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The Worst Mistake You Can Make While Redoing Your Dining Room
Your dining room can be one of the easiest rooms to design because it is mainly centered around your table, but it is still a big task to take on when choosing your chairs, centerpiece, lighting, and décor. You'll want to mix functionality with aesthetics when redesigning your room, and here are some common mistakes you should avoid.
A minor mistake many people make is to buy the matching set of dining room chairs with your table which can make your room feel bland, so instead, buy chairs that match the color or design of your table. Another common mistake is to have too much clutter like mail, paperwork, or décor, but a centerpiece on your table can be a beautiful touch.
The worst mistake you can make while designing your dining room is to choose furniture pieces that don’t fit your space, and specifically, your table should be 36 inches away from the wall, 48 inches away from the doorway, and each person should have 24 inches of space at the table. Square and round tables are cozy, but long, rectangular ones will be able to fit more people.