A person wiping a wall with a microfiber cloth
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There's One Chore You Need To Do More Than Usual During Summer
If you regularly wipe down your walls with soapy solutions during the summer months, you will significantly reduce your long-term home maintenance costs.
Summer’s heat paired
with the rest of spring’s humidity and condensation will turn your walls into hotbeds for mold growth, especially in areas with inadequate ventilation.
Things can also get extremely bad if mold develops on your back deck that makes it slippery, or if mold gets behind vinyl siding that requires the replacement of exterior walls.
Walls collect dust, pollen, and other harmful airborne allergens that cling to the walls more due to summer humidity. Regularly dusting the walls with a microfiber cloth can help.
Running air conditioning efficiently and using dehumidifiers can prevent any moisture build-up on walls, minimizing the requirement for frequent deep cleaning.
Wiping interior walls clean every month with a vinegar-water mix is an effective way to keep them pristine during the summer. Cleaning agents also remove stubborn stains on walls.