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These 12 Exterior Makeovers Stand Out On HGTV's Fixer Upper
From Shack To Home
Described as a “Little Shack on the Prairie,” this once-dilapidated structure is now a cute home, thanks to “Fixer Upper” designers Joanna and Chip Gaines.
Despite the nearly all-white paint job, the house has lots of personality with a metal roof, red-painted door, large windows, and a beautiful covered porch.
Turning A Tiny Home Into A Statement Piece
Called the “Shotgun house,” this house embraces its small size. It was transformed from a shabby once-townhouse into a stately, eco-friendly tiny home.
The dark paint and accents contrast beautifully with the light honey tones of the wood, and the greenery around the home ties it all together.
A Barn Was Flipped Into A Cozy Home
This barn was initially half-renovated to be a home. It had faded horizontal yellow siding, a non-metal brown roof, an awkward deck, and long stairs.
Gaines transformed the barn into a proper home with modern farm chic flair and an emphasis on the huge front farm doors, lighting fixtures, and wood paneling.
A 1930s Mansion Got A Modern Update
This 1930s condemned mansion, dubbed the “Gorman house,” started out as an all-white siding house with a sagging front porch that was transformed into a 21st century home.
The team painted the chipped white planks an attractive blue-ish green, built a wrap-around porch, and gave the landscaping a facelift, making the home feel brand new.
A Vintage House That Kept Much Of Its Charm
While this home’s exterior had an old-country charm, the off-white and blue paint was very dated, which says nothing of the cloth canopy over the porch.
The team kept the house’s original structure while updating what couldn’t be saved. They also gave the exterior an added contrast in color to help the house and windows look bigger.