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These 12 Warning Signs Mean You Have A Termite Infestation
Mud Tubes
Termite mud tubes are hard to miss. They can extend over multiple surfaces and serve as a transportation network, connecting the colony to their food source (your house).
You might feel like destroying the tubes as soon as you see them, but don’t — you might worsen the problem. Instead, call the exterminator right away.
Termites lose their wings when they’re ready to breed and build a new colony. You might find wings on window sills, around outdoor lights, and in the basement or crawl spaces.
Watch for discarded wings near wooden structures like decks, fences, or anything made of wood, and check for damage. If you spot four equal-sized wings, call an exterminator.
Sagging Floors
When termites eat structural wood within a building, the wood becomes weak and begins to sag, causing both structural issues and safety concerns.
Contact a professional contractor or structural engineer. They can assess the problem and let you know if the wood was poorly built, is rotting, or was eaten by termites.
Paint Bubbles
Many factors can cause paint to bubble, but if your paint begins to bubble out of nowhere on your wooden wall, it may be due to termites.
Peel away the bubbled paint to check for damage underneath, or tap the wall and listen to determine if it sounds hollow. If you think it does, call an exterminator.
Drooping Ceiling
When termites infest the support beams in your home, they hollow out the wood and significantly weaken their load-bearing capacity, causing sagging ceilings.
To determine the cause and assess whether it can be fixed, check for secondary signs of termite infestation, like mud tubes, wings, and termite droppings.