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These Are The Best Flowers For Beginners To Grow
From Seed
An easy flower to grow, nasturtiums bring vibrant colors and pollinators to your garden. Sow their seeds after the last frost directly into the garden or a large pot.
Since marigolds may take up to two months to grow, you can sow the seeds indoors in small pots in March. Once the frost has passed, transplant them into the garden.
Sunflowers tend to grow very tall and bend at the stem once their heads are filled with seeds, so you might want to grow them along a fence to give them some support.
Available in a range of bright colors, zinnias are easy to grow from seed after the last frost has passed. Deadhead them for plenty of new blooms throughout the season.
Cosmos thrive in sunshine and most soil types and look amazing when grown in drifts in large garden beds or along borders. They are also available in multiple colors.