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These Are The Best Garden Trends Taking Over So Far
In 2023
Native Plants
Native plants are well-adapted to your region's climate and require less watering, fertilizing, and pesticides. They also provide food and shelter
for local wildlife.
Research and gradually replace non-native plants with native varieties. Consider factors like sunlight, soil quality, rainfall, and drainage when selecting and positioning them.
Wildflower Meadow
The growing trend of converting lawns into wildflower meadows offers visually appealing landscapes with diverse native plants that attract various wildlife species.
Pick a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight daily, and remove the lawn with a sod cutter or smother it with black plastic to begin your wildflower meadow.
In northern locations, sow the seeds for a wildflower meadow in spring, after the last frost. In southern climates with mild winters, scatter wildflower seeds in the fall.
Drought-Tolerant Garden
Water conservation in gardening can be achieved through selecting drought-tolerant plants, such as native species, and consulting
local nurseries
for recommendations.
Enrich the soil with nutrients and apply 3-4 inches of organic mulch around your plants to retain moisture. Use drip irrigation so it slowly seeps into the soil.
Avoid using fertilizer during the driest parts of a drought season and promptly remove any thirsty weeds that emerge, ensuring that water is available for the
desired plants.
Sustainable Gardening Practices
Adopt eco-friendly gardening practices, such as using drip irrigation, collecting rainwater, composting organic waste, and avoiding chemical fertilizers
and herbicides.
Improve sustainability with no-till planting methods, minimize waste, reuse clay and plastic pots, and recycle when disposing of
plastic pots.
Vertical Garden
Vertical gardens, ideal for small spaces, utilize walls or vertical surfaces for planting and can be created using various structures, such as trellises, fencing, and
wood pallets.
These attractive gardens increase harvest yields for vegetables while also offering benefits like improved air quality, shade, noise reduction, and a calming atmosphere.