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These Are The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors
You think gray is somewhat boring and bland, but when it comes to kitchens, it's hard to go wrong with gray cabinets. Gray is a beautiful neutral tone that brightens up the room and looks amazing with any kitchen appliance. Adding a splash of blue with the gray creates a vibrant contrast, and you can match gray with different textures like marble.
You can’t go wrong with earthy tones like olive, especially if you want to create a rustic farmhouse or mid-century modern kitchen vibe. Olive can work effortlessly in any kitchen and is a shade of true versatility that pairs wonderfully with bold colors like deep reds and blues.
Given that white goes with basically everything, your options for combining it with different textures, sheens, patterns, and colors in your kitchen are pretty much infinite. White cabinets are sophisticated and luxurious, especially when they’re paired with golds, brasses, or silvers.
Gray And Beige
Gray and beige, also known as greige, is the perfect blend of two neutral colors. Design Shop Interiors' Leyla Bowden Jaworski says, “I've found that Balboa Mist can really help tone it down for a more cool, neutral effect. It's literally the perfect shade to complement so many things.”
If you want your kitchen to pop, going big with color is another great way to make it stand out. Bold blues are a perfect way to do this, imbuing your kitchen with confidence and poise while still working well with neutrals and other colors. For a luxurious feel, mix deep blues with gold fixtures, but for a more mellow and cozy kitchen, pair blues with bright whites.