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These Are The House Styles That Everyone's Loving In 2022
This charming style is characterized by covered porches and low-sloping roofs on the outside and the thick wood that is used in various features on the inside. Created in the 1900s and originally popular in west coast cities, modernized Craftsman homes are now all over the U.S.
This detailed and decorative house style is easy to recognize with features such as turrets, arches, lots of molding and wood trim, and even stained glass windows. They are also commonly painted in bright colors, which make them stand out even more.
Mid-Century Modern
Clean lines and minimalism are the main characteristics of this house style from the modernist movement of the 1970s. The open floor plan and large windows allow the outside world to be naturally incorporated into the inside setting.
This classic style has been popular since the 1870s and is mostly found in the Eastern part of the U.S. Homeowners love the symmetrical, brick exterior and the decorative interior that has a fireplace as its centerpiece.
This style is found on the coast in warmer weather states like California and Florida. It is recognizable by its red-tiled roofs, stucco or adobe exterior, and central courtyards that have a garden, fountain, or patio for people to enjoy their time outside.