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These Bath Towel Folding Tips From TikTok Will Keep Your Space So Organized
TikTok user TheFoldingLady demonstrates how to fold a towel so that it has a built-in pocket to find it into. She rolled the towel down to its hem, tucked it into the pocket at the bottom, and then stacks it into a basket once it seems sturdy.
Pocket Square
TheFoldingLady has a video on how to get “the BEST towel fold,” and she does this by folding the towel into thirds and then tucking its end into the remaining "pocket flap.” This folding technique shapes the towel into a compact and flat square.
5-Star Hotel
TikTok user Chantel Mila shows how to roll a towel stored on bathroom shelves in 5-star hotels. She begins by laying the towel horizontally, folding one end of the towel to the middle, folding the top half of the towel down, and then flipping the towel over and rolling it toward the end with the folded point.
Hand Towel
Chantel Mila explains the hand towel in her TikTok video, starting with tucking the top of the towel, which has a decorative fringe, under itself, and then folds the hand towel vertically into thirds. She then folds the bottom half of the towel into the center, and then folds the top half of the towel over that, revealing the fringe.
Hanging Towels
If you don’t like the look of your boring hanging towel, user Monica Brady shows how to knot your towels like a tie after the shower. All you do is pinch the corner of your towel, drape it over the rod, take a corner piece and wrap it around the hanging tie, then tuck the corner into a knot.