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These Clever Bubblewrap Hacks Are A Major Help Around The House
1. Prevent Pipes From Bursting
When water freezes, it expands and creates strain on pipes, making them burst. To prevent this, start by cleaning the pipes and wiping away all grease and dirt before drying them.
Wrap the entire length of the pipe with bubble wrap in spiral loops and seal it tightly at both ends with duct tape. This will insulate your pipes and prevent them from bursting.
2. Frostproof Your Plants
Frostproof your plants by protecting the pots with a healthy layer of bubble wrap. The insulation will act as a mini greenhouse, keeping the plants warm in
harsh conditions.
3. Make Gardening Less Taxing On Your Knees
When it comes to gardening, all that repetitive digging, lifting, planting, pruning, bending, and kneeling can be taxing on your muscles and joints – particularly the knees.
That said, bubble wrap makes a perfect and inexpensive knee pad. Fold some sheets to make a durable and sturdy rectangle support, and place it on the ground before you kneel on it.
4. Protect Your Car's Windshield
The densely packed air pockets of bubble wraps can efficiently regulate temperature, making the product ideal for preventing problems like a frozen, icy
car windshield.
To avoid tiresome or weary ice scraping in winter mornings, cover your car's windshield overnight with bubble wrap to let its insulating properties keep the cold out and ice off.
5. Keep Your Groceries Cool
Bubble wrap is also adept at keeping the cold in. Hence, if you line your grocery bags with bubble wrap, the air pockets will prevent the warm air from spoiling
your groceries.
To prevent items from defrosting as you take them home from the store, consider wrapping them in bubble wrap before placing them in your bubble wrap-lined bag for extra protection.