Walkway to the front door of a brick house with a terracotta colored door
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These Front Door Colors Will Be Hot In 2024, According To Our Expert
While interior design is important, the exterior of your home creates a first impression. The front door, in particular, can show off your personality and style.
In our exclusive interview, Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer at Arsight Modern Interior Design Firm in New York City, shares the best door color choices for 2024.
Kropovinsky says 2024 will be inspired by nature, with calm, cool designs taking the forefront. He predicts navy blue, sage green, and terracotta as the hit door colors.
Terracotta is a neutral color that brings warmth, coziness, and earthiness to any home — the brownish-red color pairs well with other natural details, like wood or stone trimming.
"Sage green will be huge," Kropovinsky says. The versatile hue gives a serene touch and pairs well with light exteriors, wood tones, and white and gray finishes.
"Navy blue doesn't get old; it offers style and an air of command by your door," Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest. Navy especially works well on colonials and Cape Cods.