A harvest mouse sits on the edge of a half eaten apple.
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These Garden Crops
Are Likely Attracting Mice To
Your Yard
In the wild, mice usually nosh on seeds, nuts, berries, plants, and the occasional insect. So, depending on the crops in your garden, you may be unknowingly
inviting these pests.
Plants that produce seeds or nuts, like sunflowers and corn, are particularly appealing to mice. Also, fruits such as apples and strawberries are like a mouse's dream dessert.
Root veggies and tubers, like potatoes and carrots may seem like they're safely buried underneath the soil, but mice absolutely love these low-growing or underground treats.
Freshly planted bean and pea seedlings are sweet and delicate, and will attract and be quickly destroyed by a mouse nest. Planting mint or marigolds around crops can keep mice away.