A blueberry bush
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These Garden Herbs Are The Secret To A Flourishing Blueberry Bush
Finding the right companion plants for blueberry bushes can significantly enhance their health and yield. Borage, for instance, attracts a myriad of pollinators, particularly bees.
Basil and thyme act as living mulch early in the season, deterring weeds and retaining moisture in the soil. Later in the season, they produce plenty of flowers
for pollinators.
Additionally, dill and parsley serve as appealing hosts for butterflies and attract ladybugs that prey on aphids, a common pest that feeds on blueberry bushes.
Moreover, many herbs serve as natural pest repellents, negating the need for chemicals. Chives are known to repel Japanese beetles and aphids, while catnip keeps away flea beetles.
Sage, thyme, and basil are particularly effective against flies, which is important since their larvae attack various parts of the bushes. The first two herbs also deter moths.