A person using a plastic wrap to cover a plate of tomatoes.
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These Handy Plastic Wrap Hacks Are A Game Changer For Your Home
Cover Paintbrushes
If you’re completing a paint job over multiple days, cover your paintbrushes and rollers with some plastic wrap to keep them from drying out overnight.
Remove Stickers
Wet the sticker and a paper towel with oil or rubbing alcohol, then cover the sticker with the soaked paper. Put plastic wrap over it and leave it for 30 minutes.
Insulate Windows
To prevent drafts, tape saran wrap to your window frame, then use your blow dryer on the lowest setting to shrink it, so that it conforms to your windows.
Keep Flowers Fresh
Wrap the end of your bouquet in a wet paper towel before swaddling it in the plastic to lock in the moisture and prolong the freshness of your flowers.
Cover Fridge Shelves
Line the drawers and racks of your fridge in plastic wrap to create a waterproof covering. Replace the cling wrap with fresh sheets occasionally.