White Billy bookcase from Ikea
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These Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks Are Incredible Transformations
Fill In The Holes
Once you have the shelves in a desired configuration, use spackle to plug up the unused holes in the Billy bookcase to create a more refined and finished look.
Add Wallpaper
Using wallpaper for the back panel of the bookcase adds a pop of color or pattern to the space and creates an inexpensive backdrop for the items on your shelf.
Add Glass Doors
Consider using Ikea’s sleek black trim Oxberg doors to transform the bookshelf into a glass-front cabinet, perfect for items you want to display but still protect.
Add Paint
A fresh coat of paint will make the bookcase seem less builder-grade, but sand it down and use primer before adding your color to ensure the paint sticks better.
Replace Hardware
Swap the standard hardware on the doors for your own version, like more decorative knobs, to elevate the unit and make it feel more like a custom built-in cabinet.