Close-up of tick on blade of grass
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These Ingredients Will Have Ticks Running From Your Home
Oregano Oil
Combine oregano oil with a carrier oil, such as canola, to create a tick repellent. Its chemical makeup can kill both ticks and the pathogen that causes lyme disease.
Boric Acid
This common cleaner ingredient is toxic to ticks and destroys their exoskeletons. Sprinkle it around your house, such as in closets and on carpets, to deter the pests.
Apply a diluted bleach spray to your clothes, or swab the bleach mixture on your skin to kill any ticks and their pathogens that may have hitched a ride on you.
Rubbing Alcohol
First, extract the tick from your skin to prevent it from releasing toxins into the wound, then fully submerge it in rubbing alcohol to quickly kill the foul pest.
Lemon Juice
While lemon juice won’t kill ticks, it’ll create an inhospitable environment for them. Make a lemon-water spray for use on your clothes, furniture, and even your dog.