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These Invasive Weeds Are Easy To Mistake For Flowers
Yellow Archangel
The yellow archangel is characterized by its hooded yellow flowers and deep green leaves that resemble serrated spearmint, and it is considered invasive in the U.S.
Purple Loosestrife
Purple loosestrife may easily be mistaken for hyssop, liatris, or lupine from afar, but it's invasive. If the stem is square-shaped, it’s likely loosestrife.
Yellow Starthistle
Yellow starthistle can crowd out native plants and release harmful chemicals. To identify it, look for a tuft of petals, a prickly flower head, and yellow spikes.
Wild Lettuce
Wild lettuce contains a white oozy substance that can be toxic to wildlife and damage crops, and in the late summer, it produces a flower that looks like a daisy.
Spotted Knapweed
The invasive spotted knapweed can look like the Rocky Mountain bee plant's fuschia flower, but its tiny egg-shaped prickly bud sets it apart from the native bloom.