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These Plants Will Attract Wasps To Your Garden
Rather than trying to figure out ways to get rid of wasps, you may want to make sure that you don't have plants in your garden that are attracting them in the first place.
Wasps especially like sweet-smelling plants that have flowers, which explains why the sweet smell of apple cider vinegar tends to draw wasps into homemade
traps successfully.
Sweet fennel’s yellow flowers and sweet scent can attract wasps, as can the white blossoms of Queen Anne's lace. Both grow to 4 feet, so wasps will be closer to your head and face.
Sedum plants like Autumn Joy, Frosted Fire, Ruby Glow, Matrona, and Dynomite also draw wasps, especially in the early spring, as these pests use them to collect nectar for food.
In addition to the sweet smells of certain plants and flowers, wasps often have a natural attraction to particular colors, primarily yellow, white, blue, and purple flowers.
Fruit trees and fruit-bearing plants will attract wasps due to their sweet and sugary taste, especially as the fruit falls on the ground and becomes overripe.