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These Stunning Hardwood Floors Will Be All The Rage
In 2024
Hardwood floors, favored for their ease of cleaning and the warmth they create, remain a popular choice. In 2024, expect classic woods to replace options like gray hardwood.
Interior designers are forgoing exotic species, such as bamboo or teak, and instead choosing oak, maple, ash, and walnut for the warm coloring and charming detail they add.
These floors are highly sought-after as reliable options that will stand up to a busy household. Oak floors, for example, are dense and heavily resistant to scratches and stains.
While lighter shades of oak are available, maple and ash have a similar golden tone that will complement natural-inspired interiors. Both are extremely durable and long-lasting.
Walnut is darker and browner than the others mentioned, and is still durable and resistant to moisture. However, it’s more prone to scratches and dents compared with the others.
Ensure that these floors are on-trend by pairing them with other rising trends. Allowing natural tones and textures to shine without staining them will be important.
Pick a natural matte finish that can hide scratches and require less maintenance, or use a satin finish that looks natural but adds a subtle shine without being too reflective.