Patchwork tile with stone texture - tiled background.
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These Trendy Tile Hues Will Be All The Rage In 2024
Tiles have gained popularity as a design choice to add color, pattern, and texture to a space. In 2024, trends indicate a preference for warm shades paired with large-size formats.
You can combine this trend with other tile trends like using longer tile styles, stacking them vertically to add height, or embracing natural texture with tile that mimics stone.
While many opt for muted earthy tones to pair with their warm tiles, cool colors, like blue, can pair well with them too. You can also opt for cream and warm-tinted whites.
Besides flooring, use warm tiles as a kitchen backsplash or in your bathroom, to create a comforting, relaxing, and inviting space while infusing color into your design.
Use tile in warm-toned green, red, or orange finishes for a shower surround to create a serene space. Choose a warm-toned wood finish in rooms where natural wood may get damaged.