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Things That You Should Never Wash In Your Laundry Machine
Delicates And Lingerie
Washing delicates in the laundry machine, especially with other clothes, can ruin their appearance and cause permanent damage. It's best to hand-wash and air-dry them.
If you must wash your delicates in the washing machine, use a lingerie bag to protect them as much as possible, and wash them in a separate load on a delicate or gentle cycle.
Don't put purses in the laundry machine, as it can warp and distort their shape, damage logos or other embellishments, and even tear or melt the material.
Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions; some purses may be hand-washed, while others may require spot-cleaning and wiping using a soft cloth.
Machine washing suits can damage their high-quality fabrics, even on a gentle cycle. Suits can also lose their shape, so they may not lay right on your body.
You should take them to a dry cleaner, as they use special chemical cleaners that freshen up the fabrics. However, avoid dry-cleaning too frequently to preserve their longevity.
Ties should never be machine-washed, and should be cleaned only when necessary as cleaning can damage their delicate fabrics, and affect the stitching or the way the tie lies.
Follow the cleaning procedure on the manufacturer's care instructions. Some fabrics should be dry-cleaned, while others can be hand-washed and air-dried.
Open Zippers And Hooks
Ensure zippers are zipped up before washing since open zippers can cause snags, tears, or holes with their sharp teeth. Hooks and snap fastenings should also be closed.
It's okay to leave buttons undone, as they don't have sharp edges. In fact, open buttons minimize stress on threads during agitation, which is beneficial for your clothes.