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Things To Avoid Doing With Quartz Countertops
Holding Pans
While part of quartz’s appeal is its resistance to chipping, it is susceptible to heat damage. As such, leaving hot pots or pans on the surface can cause dark stains.
Use trivets to protect your counters from hot utensils and cooking tools. If you have quartz countertops in your bathroom, refrain from placing flat irons and hair dryers on them.
Spending Money
Unlike other materials that require specialized cleaning products, wax, or sealant, quartz countertops only need gentle soap and water to maintain their shine.
You shouldn’t waste your money on unnecessary commercial cleaners. Instead, use either soapy water or vinegar to clean daily before buffing the surface with water and a dry cloth.
Ignoring Spills
When spilt food or liquids are left on your countertops too long, the quartz can sustain damage. This is especially true for oily or acidic products, like coffee.
If you can’t clean up the mess right away, wipe it off with a soft cloth before following up with soap and water later. Once the stain sets, it must be removed by a professional.