GOOGPAD, ANKEVEEN, NOORD HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS - 2018/05/26: A house in traditional style on the lake 'Ankeveense Plassen', created by peat harvesting, in Ankeveen, The Netherlands. (Photo by Leisa Tyler/LightRocket via Getty Images)
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Things To Consider Before Buying A House
On A Lake
Type Of Insurance
When buying a lake house, it's important to consider separate insurance coverage for watercraft and additional structures beyond the primary residence, as the standard home insurance may not cover them. You should also get flood insurance and an umbrella liability policy that protects you against accidents on your property.
If you love watching the sun rise or set over a lake, it's best to opt for a lake house on the west and east side of the lake, respectively. The most attractive view of the home, i.e., the front of the house, should face the water, and remember that the south side will receive the most sunlight, so those rooms will be warmer during the winter.
HOA Rules And Dues
Before buying a lake house that may be part of a homeowner's association (HOA), it is important to know their rules and restrictions, such as limitations on property use and building modifications. Also, find out the cost of HOA dues and the amenities and services they cover so that you can decide if the added expenses of HOA are worth it.
Septic Or Sewer
Another factor to consider is whether the house has a septic system or is connected to a public sewer. Septic systems are cheaper to install and environmentally friendly but require regular maintenance, while hooking up to a public sewer is more expensive but requires less maintenance and will make a clog less likely.
Lake-view Or Lakefront
When selecting a lake house, you must choose between a lakefront and a lake-view property. Lakefront homes provide direct access to the lake and the possibility to dock boats, but they are pricier. Lake-view homes are less expensive and close enough to see the lake from home, but boats might need to be transported, or you may have to rent a slip.