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Things To Watch Out For If There’s A Weeping Willow In
Your Yard
The romantic and whimsical weeping willow tree (Salix Babylonica) can be found all over the world, including in the eastern region of the United States. This animal and kid-friendly tree brings character and shade to your yard, but it requires some upkeep along the way.
Weeping willows are known for their long, shallow root systems that seem to detect when water is nearby, and they can creep up on your yard when there's none within reach. To avoid this, stick your index finger in the first two inches of soil around the tree to feel if it is damp, and make sure to test the pH level of your soil, as well.
Maintaining your weeping willow can be a big challenge because of how fast they grow, and pruning them when first planted helps to nurture and encourage new growth. Along with cleaning up your willow’s brittle leaves and branches, watch out for harmful insects that can infect your tree, and apply fungicide and horticultural oil so it can thrive for about 30 years.