"Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada - August 2, 2011: A Home Depot store sign on the front of one of their retail locations in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada."
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Things You Should Never Buy At Home Depot
Major Appliances
While Home Depot has a 30 to 90-day return policy for most items, you only have 48 hours to discover any issues with your appliance to receive a refund or replacement. According to their return policy, it’s the customer's responsibility to look over an appliance before accepting it.
Hardwood Flooring
As non-native woods, softwoods, and exotic trees are susceptible to termite damage, your chances of receiving unsound planks with rot or infestation are higher. Big box stores like Home Depot act as go-betweens for customers and wholesalers, so they aren’t very attentive.
Bathroom Vanities
Home Depot’s low-quality cabinets are made using subpar construction methods and laminate coverings that soak up humidity and blister. Often, particleboard is used for drawers and backings, which is terrible for bathrooms as they easily crumble and mold in a humid environment.
Small Appliances
You won't usually see small appliances on the shelves at Home Depot, but occasionally they’ll slip in convenient "deals" to encourage impulse purchasing. Stick to retail or department stores that specialize in small appliances for the best deal.
Doors, Windows, & Trim
When ordering doors, windows, or trim from Home Depot, you’ll most likely waste your time and end up spending more money if you need to make any changes. You’re better off going to a specialty store with qualified experts who can ensure the best product for your space and budget.