man pressure washing the gutters of a house
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Things You Should Never Clean With A Pressure Washer
Wood And Vinyl Siding
Pressure washing your home’s exterior might seem like a good idea, but it can cause damage like splintering wood, punching through vinyl siding, and dislodging loose mortar. Additionally, it poses the risk of forcing water beneath the siding or inside walls, which can lead to rot and mold growth.
Pressure washing windows can force water into the walls (especially in older installations with distressed components), or even break the glass. To minimize damage, research best practices, such as the correct pressure, nozzle, angle, and procedures to keep your windows and walls intact.
Gutters are relatively fragile, and the pressure from a washer can exert force equivalent to the weight of a car, so it’s likely to cause some damage. Furthermore, power washing while standing on a ladder is extremely dangerous since the force of the water will unbalance you and make you fall.
Avoid using pressure washing asphalt roofing materials or roofs altogether. Being up there poses a safety risk to you, and pressure washing can strip granules off of shingles, ruin asphalt and fiberglass layers, weaken adhesive areas, and damage roofing materials like slate, tile, and shake.
Electrical Panels
Electric meter enclosures and other outdoor electrical enclosures have limited water-resistant ratings, and cannot withstand pressure from pressure washers. Using pressure washers near these enclosures can cause water damage to electrical components, short circuits, and potential safety hazards.